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Solid Top Iron Cooker

A set of castings supplied ground and machined to form the hot plate on a Solid Top Cooker.

Solid Top Cooker Project Step 1

The set of patterns ready for moulding. Each set consists of two rectangular end sections, a large round middle section and a small round centre section.

Solid Top Cooker Project Step 2

The patterns are made to be used on our moulding line. Pre-mixed sand and resin falls into the moulding frame with the patterns in and sets by a chemical reaction to form a solid sand mould.

Solid Top Cooker Project Step 3

The two mould halves (a top and a bottom)are placed together, weights added to the top of the mould to stop the halves seperating during casting and molten iron poured into the mould.

Solid Top Cooker Project Step 4

The castings are fettled and then sent for surface grinding to give a smooth, level working surface. The grinding is carried at Neville Roe Industries Ltd. Click here www.nevroeind.com to visit their site.


Solid Top Cooker Project Step 5

The set of ground castings are the finish machined at Adminglade Ltd, Sheffield. This final machining puts locations between each section so that the ground face is level and flat when the set is assembled.

Solid Top Cooker Project Step 6

The sets of finished tops are delivered to the customer for fitting onto the cooker. These sets are made for Moorwood Vulcan ranges built at the Viscount factory in Sheffield. Both are part of the Enodis group of companies. Click here www.enodisuk.com to visit their site to see their range of products.