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Iron Gear Cases

Durham Foundry is able to offer rapid prototyping for small batch castings. We have applied modern CNC pattern making techniques normally associated with volume production to reduce the time for the patterns and castings and have achieved a total lead time of 5 weeks for a ten sets of gearbox castings which included patterns, castings, machining and gear cutting. This has nearly halved the customers previous lead time.

Steps Of A Gear Cases Project

Gear Cases Project Step 1

Three of sets of pattern equipment ready for moulding. All the patterns were multiple imprints to reduce the overall moulding time.

Gear Cases Project Step 2

A closer view of one of the gear case patterns. Using CNC pattern making, the patterns could be produced without having to use cores for the internal shape. If we had, it would have slowed the process down.

Gear Cases Project Step 3

A mould for one of the gear cases. All the method was integral with the patterns making the moulding operation quick and straight forward.


Gear Cases Project Step 4

The moulds being cast. The whole set of castings were made and cast in two days. Using individual loose patterns, this would have taken over a week.

Gear Cases Project Step 5

The set of castings ready for machining. In total there were forty castings which made up into ten gear boxes with two different designs.

Gear Cases Project Step 6

One of the internal quadrant castings in machining prior to gear cutting. The whole supply was finished in five weeks from receipt of the solid model files for pattern making.