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Cast Iron Patterns Cast Moulding Durham Foundry Durham Foundry Mould Cleaning Moulds Removed From Patterns Casting Being Fettled Casting Ready to be Fettled Casting Closed Moulds For Casting Cooled Mould Processed Through Sand Reclaimer Cooling Cast Moulds Example Casting Excess Metal Cast Into Pig Moulds Fettled Castings Finished Tapping - Time for a Break Ladle Preperations Line of Just Cast Moulds Melting Mould Ready for Cooled Casting to be Removed Pig Moulds Pre Heating Ladle Slagging Off Tapping Moulten Metal Into Pre Heated Ladle

Mike Naylor, Managing Director, is the primary contact for all sales and technical enquiries. Please browse our website for more information about Durham Foundry and our ability to manufacture Engineering Castings, Architectural Castings, Decorative Castings and Bespoke Cast Iron Castings then contact us on 0114 249 4977 or e-mail us on